Deadline for submission of abstracts: from February 29th through July 30th, 2024
    Sending the result to the authors: August 15th, 2024
    Publication on the website of approved abstracts: August 15th, 2024

    NOTE: The author sending the abstract must have the registration fee paid.
    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by link at: https://page.congresse.me/atendimento 

    From August 29 to 31, 2024, selected abstracts will be presented at the 8th World Ozone Therapy Federation Meeting. The abstract submission process is entirely online via the website https://eventos.congresse.me/wfot/resumos/enviar-resumo

    It is recommended that you carefully read the rules when registering. Only abstracts that comply with these rules that follow the model indicated in this site and are submitted within the deadline will be analyzed. The author responsible for sending must have the registration fee paid. Abstracts must have at least one author who has completed higher education. Proponents are responsible for the appropriate ethical and environmental regularization of the abstracts submitted.

    ATTENTION: The Institution must send a Statement of Commitment so that accreditation can be granted at the event secretariat.

    Authors may send abstract proposals in Portuguese, English, or Spanish.

    The proponent may submit up to three abstracts as main author, with a limit of up to 10 co-authors per Abstract, it means: one proponent, and 10 co-authors.

    In the case of co-authorship, all co-authors must be included in the abstract by the proponent. The author responsible for submitting the abstract must correctly include the name(s) and Institution (s) of the co-author(s).

    Abstracts must be submitted as a summary, regardless the presentation format (If poster or oral presentation).

    The scientific committee will evaluate the abstracts, and then the respective presentation formats will be defined (Poster or oral).

    When registering, the applicant must:

    • Fill out the registration form with your own data;
    • Choose the thematic axis and any sub-item in which the proposal should be enrolled;
    • In the abstract, include the data of the work, as follows: Title; Authors and Institutional Affiliations; Text of 250 to 2500 characters, with space, also include Introduction with Rationale, Aim (s), Material and Methods (mention the submission to the specific Ethics Committee), Results and Conclusion; Keywords; Conflict of interests; Financial Support (If applicable).
    • CLINICAL STUDIES need to attach approval report from the Ethics Committee.
    • CASE REPORTS may be submitted and will be evaluated; however, only those that are under the scope of the event and of significant importance to the scientific community will be accepted.
    • During the evaluation, the scientific assessor may change the thematic axis of the abstract proposal.
    • The scientific committee will select which abstracts will compete for the best abstract award at the event.
    • Accepted abstracts will be published in the event proceedings.

    The motto "Ozone Therapy: from the perspective of integrality" will cover different axes, however THE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE MEETING PURPOSE MUST BE EXPLICIT.

    Abstracts WITHOUT CONCRETE RESULTS FROM ORIGINAL STUDIES or with RESULTS THAT ARE split into other abstracts will not be accepted, nor will EXPERIENCE reports. LITERATURE reviews and non-systematic reviews are allowed. 

    Axis 01 | Environment and Health
    Axis 02 | Technology and Innovation in Health
    Axis 03 | Human Viruses
    Axis 04 | Tissue Regeneration
    Axis 05 | Human COVID-19
    Axis 06 | Other Human and Veterinary Viruses
    Axis 07 | Nutrition
    Axis 08 | Standardization of new methodologies
    Axis 09 | Non- clinical studies (in vitro, in silico studies)
    Axis 10 | Devices
    Axis 11 | Bacterial Human Infections
    Axis 12 | Human and Veterinary Mycoses
    Axis 13 | Veterinary infections
    Axis 14 | Safety Studies
    Axis 15 | Muskuloskeletal disorders
    Axis 16 | Neurological disorders
    Axis 17 | Healthcare-Associated Infections
    Axis 18 | Dental disorders
    Axis 19 | Antimicrobial Resistance and New Non-Antibiotic Approaches
    Axis 20 | Auto immune response
    Axis 21 | Others

    On the scheduled date for publishing the evaluation results of all modalities, authors will be notified about the evaluation result and will receive guidance for their presentations in their specific areas on the https://eventos.congresse.me/wfot/resumos/enviar-resumo 

    The EXHIBITION at the 8th WORLD OZONE THERAPY FEDERATION MEETING 2024 will take place from August 29th to 31st, 2024, according to the scientific programming schedule.

    Authors of approved abstracts will receive the E-POSTER TEMPLATE by email and the file must be sent by August 20th. All information will be sent by email.