V Workshop Internacional de Homeopatia da UFRJ

Apresentação de Trabalho

Dear author, 
You have been invited to submit a video presentation for your work to be presented during the XXXIV GIRI meeting and V International Workshop on Homeopathy of UFRJ.
To assist you, we have prepared a PDF with some tips about recording your video and also on how to upload it to Youtube. Click here
Presentation Template: in English (Click here)
Video format: mp4 through YouTube link
Video duration: maximum 5 minutes
Presentation language: in English or Portuguese
During your session, please, be prepared to share your presentation (YouTube link). We suggest you to share the video from your computer to avoid freezing the screen.
Also, we kindly ask you to submit the YouTube link with your video using the following link:  https://forms.gle/ixxG3Bh3rdWhe7Bv6
Deadline to submit it: November 26th 
In a few weeks please check the meeting schedule to find information regarding the day, time, and room of your presentation during the event. 
Kind regards, 
Scientific Committee